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  1. This vid reminds me again of Angela Namest/Ginger Namaste. If she can’t have more than one she don’t want any. One night at Angel’s in High Point,NC she had placed an add for 6 well hung guys to fuck her. She had 8 respond but only 4 showed up. Her fantasy was to be high on X and be blindfolded as she came out in the middle of the crowd of men and let them feel her all over.They all felt her up til she cum. Then they fucked her starting with the smallest first.She would jack 2 while one fucked her. Took her 4 hours to fuck those guys and she kept on eating X.I know she came over 20 times. There’s alot more to the story but space doesn’t permit. Pics of her are on my homepage here. I did have vids of her escapades but give them to her when we parted company.

  2. Damn.. That cumshot was weak. A few little drops. I would have filled that mouth for sure.

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